Who we Are

The Cake Root company, established by sisters Jane Slater and Fiona Woodcock, produces cakes based on root vegetable ingredients.

"I am incredibly passionate about our recipes, as well as using high quality regional food produce we really enjoy experimenting with flavours and our customers tell us they love the natural sweetness of our cakes. They are made from honest, healthy ingredients derived from farm businesses across the North East" (Jane)

Our cakes:

Chocolate and Beetroot.

Parsnip lime and Ginger.

Courgette, Lemon and Pistachio Nut.

Carrot, Orange and Walnut.

Sweet Potato, Almond and Orange.

Sticky Fruity Gingerbread with Cranberries.

Lemon Drizzle.

Apple Ginger and Walnut.

Chocolate, Orange and Potato.

Coffee with Toasted Hazelnut.

The Cake Root
The Old Saw Mill, Middleton, Belford, NE70 7LE, tel 01668 213634, mobile 07790 359016